Sunday, October 11, 2009

Married in Maui!!

Yep! We did it! We were married Thursday evening, October 8th, 2009 at sunset on Kapalua Bay Beach. It was wonderful. Peaceful and serene and just beautiful. We were on one end of the beach by the rocks and another couple were also getting married on the other end of the beach. We took a couple of snapshots of ourselves after we were officially married. We also had a professional photographer take some photos and once he sends us the CD of photos he took, I'll post some of those too.
Below is a picture of some of the view from our balcony. The picture was taken the morning after we arrived and is a bit hazy but totally incredible!

We stayed at the Kapalua Ritz Carlton - what a great place! We walked to several beaches from the hotel and the grounds themselves were so beautiful. One of our favorite things was the incredible breakfast buffet which we indulged in every single morning of our trip. I'm going to miss the sweet fresh pineapple and the delicious orange juice and the tastiest bacon I've ever had!

Doug got to play golf at the Kapalua Bay Course. This is him playing the 4th hole. I went along to keep him company and was able to get some incredible pictures. I'll just share this one for now.

As we walked around the resort area, we stumbled upon one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen. Above the dunes is a boardwalk of sorts meant to preserve the integrity of the beach dunes. Here is my honey taking a break along the path and taking in the spectacular view.

Incredibly amazing, isn't it?

Kissing on that beautiful beach. So romantic!

This is DT Fleming Beach. On our last day in Maui, we were swimming just to the side of the rocks behind where Doug is standing and we saw a HUGE Sea Turtle playing on those rocks. It was so awesome. I was hoping he would get up on the rocks so I could get a picture of him, but he just kept sticking his head out of the water and raising his flippers. There was no way to get a good picture of him because the crashing waves on the rocks made it impossible.

That's it for now. We are still tired from our overnight flight home and headed out now to go pick up the dogs. Wonder if they missed us or if they are going to just be mad. We'll see.

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