Monday, February 22, 2010

Brave Girls

I got back Saturday night from spending a few days in the Idaho mountains at Brave Girl Camp. Wow. Just wow. I'm still processing everything and not sure how much I can put in to words.

It was time spent meeting new, lifetime friends. Incredibly talented, smart, funny, creative, loving, loyal and supportive friends. Brave Girls, that is what we are. We spent time laughing, crying, soul searching, listening, encouraging and of course crafting.
And we stayed up way too late!

We went on morning walks and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

And we ate and ate and ate. The food was absolutely delicious and beautifully and lovingly prepared.

Even our water glasses had these cute little charms with our names on them!

See how adorable the cupcakes were? They were out of this world delicious too.

What I can say is what an amazing feeling to be so supported, so loved, and feel so much trust. My heart is happy and my soul feels peaceful.

I needed this time away - needed time to recharge my batteries and time out to think and to create. I've come back home with a new sense of calm and purpose.

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