Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis Acoustic show

Wow! What a show! Doug bought me tickets for Valentines Day and the concert was last night at the Osage Event Center. We had second row seats which gave us a fabulous view.

I just have to say that these two ladies were fantastic! I have never seen either one in concert before and have several of their CD's. Usually, I don't get too excited about concerts because honestly, the CD usually sounds better that the live performance but not in this case. Both sang many of their older hits along with some new material which was phenomenal! Both of their voices were so clear and so strong - I was just blown away! Can you tell I'm still in awe?

Doug was a trooper and hung around with me after the show to get a couple of autographed pictures. Yay!

After goofing off much of the day yesterday I decided today had to be a little more productive. Although yesterday morning I did manage to clean out the front flower beds and cut back all the overgrown rose bushes and crepe myrtles.

Today, I cleaned our closet, did a bunch of loads of laundry, cleaned the inside of my car, unpacked my Pampered Chef stuff and straightened up the bathroom. Oh yeah, and I spent a couple of hours organizing our stuff to have our personal taxes done. I can't seem to find my closing papers from when I purchased my house in Edmond. I can find the closing documents for I've ever bought or sold but not the purchase documents. Ugggghhhh!!! It's so frustrating. Maybe they will turn up tomorrow. Let's hope!

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