Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Project this weekend!

Doug is in Seattle on a business trip so I haven't told him yet but we are making over our bedroom this weekend!
This is pretty much how it looks except we have a boring brown comforter on our bed instead of the one in the picture. (I'm too lazy to take a new picture right now, plus there are paint "swatches" painted on all of the walls.)

I've purchased a new bedding set and as soon as I get off this computer I'm going to buy the paint. We tested a pretty blue color from Restoration Hardware but I *may* go a shade or two lighter. We also bought two new bedside lamps so the pink ones my mom bought for me while I was in nursing school are finally being replaced.

Window treatments, yeah, better get us some. We've been here almost two years and I haven't been able to pull the trigger on window treatments. But now, we have neighbors that can see in our windows so time to do something about that. Doug wants plantation shutters but I've been resisting because 1. they close out too much light and 2. they are soooo expensive! I'm trying to go for a relaxing, calming effect. We will see what we end up with.

I'm still trying to decide on artwork for beside the bed. I'm considering enlarging and framing some of our pictures of the beach in Hawaii - not sure just yet.

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