Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart Swap #1

Back in early January, my friend Jennifer posted she was going to host a Winter White Heart Swap.  The rules were only that the heart should be in some shade of Winter White, and they should be approximately the size of our hand.  They could be any medium of our choosing.   I couldn't wait to get started!

This was my contribution for this swap:

   Look at this beautiful heart by Lonnie Jenck:

I love this fabric heart with embellishments.  I'm not sure who the creator is since the packaging got separated from the hearts.  If you recognize who made it - let me know!

 This is a lovely paper heart with beautiful lace embellishment - again, I don't know who created this one.

This pretty heart has chunky glitter and multi-colored pearls and was made by Jill Sibbald:

I'm not sure who was the creator of this heart as there was no name attached but it is a paper and chenile heart with a fun "love" tag.

My friend Jennifer Barnes made this beautiful heart with so many layers and textures:

 Patty Cross came up with this pretty fabric heart adorned with glittered clay wings:

Another sweet fabric heart, I'm not sure who made this one either~!

This heart came all the way from Germany!  Our friend Wanda created this precious heart with a fun glittered heart in the little pocket on front.

This was a really fun swap to participate in and came at the perfect time after the holidays.

Next up, I'll post about the  3 inchey swap I took place in, so check back!


  1. These are wonderful! I love all the different styles and textures.

  2. All so sweet and I love seeing that some familiar names were involved!! I miss the days of Silver Bella.....

  3. The work looks excellent. I would love to learn some and practice it in my free time. The pearls look perfect. I think I will need one of these for my party.