Monday, November 16, 2009

Little House on the Prairie

When I was a little girl, I LOVED Little House on the Prairie. On Thursday nights, my mom would let me stay up past my usual bedtime and watch the show. I'm not sure exactly what I liked about it because I would NOT have liked to have lived under those conditions or during those times. I LIKE modern conveniences.

Shari (in blue) & Me in the outfits our gram made for us:
(I know, embarrasing..But I'm cutting us some slack
because we were just little girls and we didn't know

Yesterday, Doug and I went with Frank and Tonya to see the musical Little House on the Prairie. Melissa Gilbert was supposed to be starring but had a back injury requiring her to have surgery today. Even though we were disappointed we wouldn't be able to see half-pint, her understudy did a good job in her place.
The show itself started out a little slow but got better as it went along and we ended up having a nice time.

Prior to the show we ate pizza at Joe Momma's. Pepperoni, half olive, half jalepeno. One review that I read online was from someone from Connecticut who remarked that the brick oven pizza could rival any of those famous pizza places in New Haven. Yeah, right...The pizza was good but by no stretch of imagination did it compare to my all time pizza love: Pepe's. Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut. OH. MY. GOD! If you haven't had Wooster Street Pizza, you are soooo missing out!

The other famous pizza joint on Wooster Street is Sally's. There are some pretty die hard fans that choose one place over the other but honestly, as long as I can have Wooster Street Pizza, either Pepe's or Sally's, I'm happy!
In other news, Doug made it home safely from Ft. Lauderdale. Yay!
Work has been busy for the both of us. Lots of long days and nights out networking. It is nice when we get a chance to just stay in.
I made a taco soup on Saturday night and it turned out pretty well. We are gearing up for Thanksgiving. I'm cooking again this year. Doug's mom, sister and niece are coming to dinner and I'm going to *try* to keep things low key and not go overboard cooking a million different things. We'll see what happens...

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