Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and a nice weekend

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Doug's mom and sister Dee. The turkey was delicious and turned out really nice. Don't mind the mess on the counter or the smirk on my face - Doug likes to have me say funny things while he is taking my picture so I'm pretty sure I'm mid sentence on this one. Just focus in on how delicious the turkey looks.
This year, I even remembered the rolls. Last year, they were purchased and put in the pantry where they stayed until the middle of dinner when somebody said, "Hey! Where are the rolls?" Doug's family has teased me all year about how last Thanksgiving was ruined because I forgot the rolls (didn't forget to buy them, just forgot to bake them. This year, I bought the kind that you have to defrost, let rise and then bake. I managed to remember all the steps and get them defrosted, allowed them to rise and popped 'em into the oven. They were fabulous - all light and fluffy. Yum! You can see them right behind me, all ready to go.

I made pumpkin pie and an apple pie for dessert along with seven layer cookie bars. Ever since the Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Cookie disaster,(not sure if I posted about that one) it seems I'm no longer a fan of pumpkin flavor. I took a couple of bites (yeah- one bite wasn't enough) and decided I'm off pumpkin pie. The pie itself should have tasted good, in fact it tasted like it always does but I'm just not liking that flavor anymore.
Funny thing is I used to be such a good baker but I've had a few mishaps as of late. For one thing, I thought maybe our oven was "off" and it turns out I am right. I bought an oven thermometer so I could check (I didn't want to wreck Thanksgiving) and it is under by 15 degrees! However, I can't really blame the baking disasters on that.

Dee and me. And yes, I know I look chunky. I *AM* chunky. But I'm going to fix that. Doug and I are starting the gym TOMORROW! It is a tough time of year to start but I need to start now before I get any bigger. It is NOT going to be easy because I love cookies, and cake, and holiday food....I'll keep you posted how that goes.

Doug and I like to take a "self" shot so here is our Thanksgiving photo. We have fun, that is all that matters, right?
In other exciting news, Doug bought me a Gypsy for my Cricut. It is an early Christmas present. I haven't had a chance to try it out just yet but I can hardly wait! I spent 13 hours upstairs in my craft room organizing, purging and cleaning. I'm getting ready to do some serious holiday crafting. I'm not going to post any "before" pictures until it is actually all clean and I can post some after pics too.

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  1. Hi! This is Doug's cousin Pam. Food looks great! Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. How is Doug's mom doing? You don't look chunky to me at all. Have fun crafting! We have a craft room set up for my daughter and I to do crafts, since we love them so much.