Monday, June 14, 2010

Still working on projects around the house but no pictures to show just yet. Doug took me shopping this weekend and bought me an iPad! Yay Me! He also bought me a new Coach bag for our trip along with a cute crab key chain, a new pair of sneakers, tea and two insulated tea cups from an awesome tea store at the mall, and some facial moisturizer that I wanted. It was such a fun day of shopping!
Saturday was Rachel's 2nd birthday party and what a party it was! There was a cotton candy machine, ponies, a jupiter jump and a balloon making magician!
Rachel is eating her cotton candy *AND* riding a pony at the same time - sweet to be a 2 year old, isn't it?

In the back yard I have a few birdfeeders and a hanging planter on the fence. When the feeder ran out of food I looked out the window to see this:

I made him nervous when I walked outside with my camera.

Teddy goes crazy when he sees squirrels - of course it doesn't help when we yell, "There's a skirr!" or sometimes we say "A scuzz!" He loves to chase the "skirrs" off the birdfeeders. He comes back feeling so proud.

Finally, I was scheduled to have a craft night at my house this Friday but unfortunately we are going to have to postpone it for a week or so. I did get one crafty project finished and am working on a couple others. Seems like just when I get things sort of organized up there, I start a few new projects and mess things up again.


  1. The great thing about blogs is when you get that morning cup of coffee and get to meet someone new. I love your blog! It actually reminds me of mine, kinda! I went back a ways, (I do have to go to work after all...) and thought all your posts were great. Thank you for sharing Mary Englebreits studio. It was wonderful! I LOVE the picture of Teddy Bear looking through the knot hole! What a riot! Are you looking at total retirement or just the one month?

  2. oh my gosh, that does sound like a fun day of shopping.

    i have an ipad too- how do you like yours? i mainly like it for reading blogs on- and reading the flying lessons post since they're so long!

    hope you like it--