Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Inspiration Unlimited 2010 - Las Vegas

While it's nice to get away, I'm always so happy to return home. I miss Doug and I miss the dogs and I just miss my "routine".
However, while away it's always nice to have this for a view:

Looking out the window of my hotel room I overlooked the beautiful pool area and could see the city of Las Vegas just past the line of trees. I never did make it to "the strip" because we were just way too busy!

My room was spacious and very comfortable and would you just look at this bathroom!

I did manage to get outside for a little bit on Saturday. Just outside the doors of the Green Valley Casino was a cute little area with some shops. On Saturday there was a little street fair going on. I shopped a little and just took in the scenery before I had to get right back to my classes.

The first class was Teresa Collin's Gratitude Album class. Here are my supplies ready to go!

Here is a picture of my work in progress. The lighting in the event wasn't very good and I wish I had brought my Ott light.

I've got more to share about the event although not too many more pictures. I came home with a terrible cold so I'm a bit under the weather. Just wanted to share a quick post and let you know I will be sharing more so check back!


  1. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE!!! Ok those cabanas are calling my name:) I understand wanting to be back in a routine. I am now and think I am ready to go again!! lol! Glade you are back and want to see more creations!

  2. oh, how fun! and inspiring!
    and yes!!! what a bathroom! i would've spend lots of time in that bathtub-

    i'm always ready to be back to my routine too- i know that means we're lucky in our happy lives...

  3. Lisa so glad you had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. Sorry you aren't feeling well......stay in and get well soon!

  4. Those bathrooms were the best when I stayed there too! Bigger than some apartments I've lived in nearly!! Sorry you don't feel well!! Get better soon sista!