Thursday, September 2, 2010

New York Pictures and an update

Doug's mom remains in ICU and is still critical. It has been a very long week so continued prayers (if you are so inclined) would be appreciated.

Even though our time in New York City was short, we did manage to have some fun and eat our way around the city.
Our first meal in NYC was at Simply Pasta. The food was fabulous - we shared a Caprese Salad, I had Penne ala Vodka and Doug had a pizza. We completely stuffed ourselves.
"Rock of Ages" was playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theater and we had really great seats.

After lunch at Simply Pasta and before the show that evening, we trekked all the way from midtown to Soho so I could go to Kate's Paperie and so Doug could go to Supreme (the skateboard shop that ended up being closed!). Three years ago we took a picture in front of the Ben Sherman store and so we decided to take another one.

While taking a picture of ourselves in Times Square, someone kindly offered to take one of the both of us.


While visiting another blog I read about this fabulous waffle truck and knew I had to find the truck and have a waffle. We tracked it down and the selection of toppings for the waffles was amazing.
Look! they even had a big jar of Nutella - yum!

I opted for butter and real maple syrup with a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar - excellent choice!

Yes, I ate the entire thing. It was the best waffle I think I have ever had. It was light and fluffy and slightly crispy on the outside.

We continued to walk and somehow stumbled on Magnolia Bakery - I was stuffed from the waffle but couldn't pass on getting a cupcake!
I decided to save it for later.

Of course by the time we got back to the hotel in the afternoon I couldn't resist any longer.
Chocolate with chocolate frosting and the cutest little sugar flower. Makes me so happy!

Just across the street from Magnolia Bakery was a little hotdog stand where Doug decided to get a hotdog.

He offered me a bite and even though I was so full I had to taste it. Soooo good! He thought so too.

Finally, we made our way to Central Park. We took some fun pictures there and saw the renovation in progress of the old Tavern On The Green.

That afternoon we had to make our way to the airport so that was our short trip to NYC.


  1. sounds like so much good eating!! the waffle truck sounds dreamy!!

  2. Cupcakes!! And best of all you didn't have to give away the cupcake :) Hehe.

    Still thinking about your mother in law!

  3. Lisa thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I am so sorry I missed meeting you at the Paper Crown. Maybe someday! It looks like we are in the same Swap for Silver Bella. In fact I have been working on my cupcake swap for 3 days............I can't believe it has taken me that long. Oh well it will be worth it when we all get our books at the big event.
    Your trip looked like fun even if it was cut short. I love NYC and am jealous because you just got back and my friends are at the US Open this weekend!