Sunday, January 22, 2012

In December at our Doll Club meeting we had a doll related gift exchange. Everyone brought one gift and we chose numbers to be able to select a wrapped gift from under the tree. One of the ladies had made a really cute, painted canvas doll and I knew immediately I wanted to try to make one.
Here is my attempt.

I didn't use a pattern and my initial vision was completely different than how she ended up. As I was painting, some of her proportions were way out of whack so I attempted to fix it with paint. I used colored pencil to do some shading and I finished her by coating her with glossy Mod Podge. She's not perfect but I think she came out pretty good for my first painted cloth doll.
I'm working feverishly on the three other swaps I'm in - Viv's Heart swap, Laurie's Valentine Ornament swap, and Jackye's Valentine Tag Swap. As it gets closer to Valentine's Day, I'll post what I've been working on - but for now, it's a secret.


  1. She's fabulous. Well done. I'm getting close to finishing up your special box of goodies, Lisa.

  2. Your doll is cute! You were brave to try that! I have just now mailed off the tags to Jackye! My ornaments are done, too, but I still need to make the card. OH, and I am doing a tiny matchbox swap with 3 ATCs, so that is next. It's fun to have projects!

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