Friday, November 30, 2012

I love snowmen!

I've been squeezing in some crafting despite the craziness around here.  It really is so therapeutic and puts my mind in such a better place.
In a conversation one day last week,  my sister January happened to mention that Karen, her baby's grandmother, loves snowmen. Karen is one of those ladies that always does so much for others all the time.  She takes such wonderful care of my nephew Garrett,  and always includes my other nephew Joao as if he was her grandson too.  She is just very thoughtful and very generous and I can't begin to express my appreciation at all that she does for my sweet little nephews.
I wanted to send her a little something to say "Thank you" and maybe put a little smile on her face.  It's nice to receive unexpected happy mail, isn't it?  

I hope she likes him - he was hard to part with!  ;)
One of my "friends" on Facebook put out a message that one of her friends is sick with cancer.  She too loves snowmen and has a snowman tree.  I made this sweet little snowman ornament for her to place on her tree and a little card with a message of hope. 

Speaking of hope, I *hope* to finish my Christmas decorating this weekend!  I pulled out all of my decorations last week and I have unorganized stuff everywhere. I took a break from cleaning and decorating to get my snowmen finished... It looks like a Christmas tornado around here at the moment.  Wish me luck!


  1. And you my friend, are one of those Kind hearted people, like the woman you made the snowman for!
    both are adorable. I hope you get your decorating finished so you can relax and enjoy!

  2. Love your Snowmen. Can't wait to see pictures of your decorations. Most of mine are up BUT still have more to do.:-)
    Have Fun Creating,

  3. Very sweet snowmen, going off to spread cheer!