Monday, January 21, 2013

Good News!

After going back and forth all weekend as to whether or not to do the surgery, we opted for it. Over the weekend,  I spoke with our current vets, our much loved vet that took care of us in Oklahoma City and our Pet Communicator, Pam Case.  With confidence, we were told to go this morning with positivity and certainty and do the surgery.  So, that's what we did!
 Phoebe had her surgery this morning and the surgeon called to let me know that it was just a fatty tumor and he didn't see evidence of any disease!  The only thing he saw was that one lobe of her liver was enlarged, so he took a biopsy of that and sent it off to pathology.  He expects the enlargement to be due to the steroids she takes.
 She may get to come home this afternoon!  Depending on how she does coming off the anesthesia will determine whether she spends the night there or comes home.  Seeing that she's overweight (you think!) ;)  it sometimes takes longer to metabolize the anesthetic.
 We are absolutely thrilled with this news.  Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers,  and positive energy you sent our way!
 We'll be in recovery mode for a little while but we are looking forward to getting our hot little ham feeling better.
Miss Bossy Boots likes to direct the action around here!  She doesn't miss a trick.
Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!  We appreciate it so much!


  1. So glad that the vet didnt find anything too serious. Hopefully your baby will be home today and resting with her family.
    I know how relieved you are.

  2. Good News! Watch out that MBB doesn't try to go over board with the recovery. ;)
    Chris =]

  3. That's wonderful news, Lisa! So happy for you and your little miss!

  4. Such happy news for you and that little sweetie! What a relief for you!

  5. Oh, such good news -- what a relief! She's such a pumpkin! That pet communicator intrigues me!

  6. OH and I LOVE that little bird in your header -- I remember those!

  7. Oh my! Those little creatures are so fragile! So glad everything is going well!

  8. So happy to hear your little pooch is on the mend!! I have your Valentine ready to send to you...will you send me your mailing address?
    Warmly, chris

  9. Just read the good news about your precious Phoebe.
    So glad to hear she is going to be ok. It is so hard when our
    little sweethearts are hurting. Hoping her recovery is going well. Have a great weekend. Best Wishes, Bobbie