Friday, January 4, 2013

Fiber Art & Art Quilt Show

While checking out Facebook yesterday, I happened to come across a post from our local plant nursery that there would be a quilt show there this weekend.  What a great idea!
It's a small show of art quilts and fiber arts, but oh, the potential! What a great use of the space while it's empty from Christmas and awaiting all the beautiful spring flowers. 
I loved being able to see clearly all the colors, stitches and creativity that went into these amazing pieces of art.
My heart is always at the beach and this sweet gull quilt made me reminisce about being back near the ocean, the sand and the sun...
Of course, while at the nursery, I had to check out the gorgeous plants.  The color on this primrose really caught my eye.
 Next week is the big quilt show over in Oklahoma City - can't wait!


  1. oh! and all that beautiful light streaming thru all those windows!

    How are you coming on your quilt? (Mine is still in the box unsewn :)

  2. Well isn't that a smart idea to use that space! FUN share!

  3. Lisa, so glad you'd like to swap a Valentine with me!! I'll be sending an email so I can get your mailing address!


  4. Hi Lisa,
    So you are a quilter too!! That is something I really appreciate but just have too many other vices to take on one more. ha. I am trying to "revive" my blog this year. It has been quite a year, losing my mother this summer and all that goes with cleaning out the house and getting it on the market. That is behind us and I am determined to be more creative this year. Don't know if you were among those that asked for the scone recipe that I brought to Birdsong #1, but I have it posted on my blog if you are interested. Hope your holidays were great. Looks like you have had a lot of fun in the past months, so wonderful. Keep creating in 2013!! Blessings, Linda

  5. Hi Lisa,
    love to see flowers blooming this time of year. My girlfriend Laura brought me a primrose like the one you are showing, when she came to our luncheon last Monday.
    I love quilts to look at, but after making one, I realised that quilting is not my passion. I admire everyone who makes them. I guess, I am sticking to making dolls.