Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine Swap

This year seemed to be a slow one for Valentine Swaps.  I didn't see very many being hosted and I knew that I just didn't have the time or the energy this time around to host or participate.  

Chris from  Perfectly Printed decided to have a one to one Valentine swap and I signed up. This is the Valentine I received from her, along with a couple other vintage valentines:
This was the Valentine I created for her.  I'm not sure where the image of the little girl came from, I just thought she was absolutely adorable.

What have you been creating for Valentine's Day?


  1. ohh this year valentines came to soon for me..but spring is in the air and I would love it if you joined my swap

  2. I didnt host a valentine swap this year lisa.. just didnt have the energy! and I only did one private ornie swap with a few girls that one of the girls put together. other then than, I did the 1:1 with Elizabeth and the one that I always do with my friend Kelly. I did however make up a bunch of cute little valentines to send to a few bloggy pals! I would love to send you one if you send me your address! and you dont have to send me one in return. OK.. I'm off to see Les mis!

  3. Your little girl valentine is so adorable!
    Chris =]

  4. Your Valentine girl is just precious. I'm still enjoying all the lovely Valentine goodies you and I swapped last year.

  5. I feel the same but just recently made a few Valentines creations. I love the dolly you used on your card!

    Sandy xox