Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What A Mess!

We moved into our home about 4 1/2 years ago.  The day we closed, this is pretty much how the house looked as we walked in the front door.  Lovely faux paint, gorgeous hardwood floors, nice open space. It's been a very nice place to live until just recently.
 See these gorgeous floors and that beautiful stone fireplace?  Well, they are about to be ripped out.
 My island, my stove top, all my countertops have to all be pulled out.  Torn up. Gone. No stove, no refrigerator, NO KEURIG!
 Really??? Yep. We had what we thought was a minor water leak with our hot water heater.  Turns out, water travels much further and faster than you ever imagine and our entire living space downstairs is being packed up today so the demolition can begin.
Oh, and I work from home.  And all of my office has to be packed up and moved to storage...I can keep what I need in a few small boxes - What!!!??? It's my office! And it's time for business taxes, and I need my client files, and, and, and....Ugh. How do I decide what is absolutely important and what I can live without for possibly up to 6 or 8 weeks?  
I know me, and I'll keep out all this stuff I think I need (never to touch the entire time!) and pack up the rest and that is exactly the file, or whatever that I'll really need. Can anybody else relate?

Doug and I will be moving into our tiny little guest room that also has to house our four dogs, along with all the items the restoration people don't think should go into storage (art, TV's, etc)  Oh yeah.

Really, just what a mess.  So if I'm a little cranky and a little preoccupied - please just say a prayer for me.  I know in the grand scheme of things, this is really just an annoyance.  We really are blessed beyond measure and nobody got hurt, nobody died, we didn't lose any of our possessions (although we could stand to rid ourselves of so much stuff!).  It could be so much worse....


  1. Ugh, oh my goodness, how awful and inconvenient! I am so sorry to hear this! I sure hope something good comes of it. Hugs!

  2. So sorry for your troubles! It's amazing how much damage water can do. Hang in there - hopefully the pups will help you both maintain your sanity!

  3. man that stinks...I am in a new construction home and I was getting ready for our one year touch ups when i noticed a cabinet was bubbly on the inside...And the builder rep took a step back and his head sank. the cabinet company drilled a hole into the drain pipe from my upstairs bathroom....ICKY . so i had sewage leaking behind my wall and then the mold grew....long sorry short i am mid construction... new wall and pipes have been installed but my cabinet and paint and tile still need fixing. I am so grateful that it was the builders fault and not ours..... its been a very long ordeal and i hope you manage to have some sanity throughout your reconstruction...

  4. OMG Lisa! I have been so busy this week with funerals , cooking, baking and etc. that I have not read to many blogs until this afternoon...........girl I can't believe you have that much damage! A lot worse than what you thought last week in class.........I am SO SO SORRY! Wow you are getting an overhaul for sure! Just keep your chin up and the days ahead will be okay because it is temporary and not a permanent situation!

    Let us know if we can help down here or if you need a place to stay or get out of dodge for a few days.........