Sunday, August 25, 2013

Travel Journal Prep - WIP

In a few weeks,  I'm taking a trip with my Investment Club to Charleston, South Carolina.  I wanted to prepare a journal ahead of time to have a place to record things while I am there.  Also,  I won't  feel so overwhelmed in completing this journal when I get back. 

This is a work in process that I have been working on the past few days and I wanted to share my progress with you.  More embellishments will be added along with lots of journaling tags and spots, but here we go:

All of the photos that are in this journal I printed on my home printer from a search online of photos of Charleston.  I do not have sources for the artwork and photos,  but if someone recognizes the art as their own, please let me know and I will be happy to give credit.  

As you turn the front page, I found this cute "map" that I have a journaling card tucked behind.  On the right side, there is a fold out with plenty of blank space for pictures or journaling.

On the next pages, I added clear transparency sheets as pockets and embellished with white paint and a die cut.  I'll tuck pictures, receipts, and whatever else there.

 While we are there, we are going to go to a Gospel Brunch, so I thought it would be fun to decorate the page on the left with a Hymnal page.  The small blue page flips open to reveal a journaling spot.   On the right is plenty of room for journaling, and another spot for tucking papers in.

The green page below will probably get more embellishing.  As I mentioned, this is a work in progress, and I'm just thrilled I got this far.  Usually, I'm last minute Annie trying to get my act together and running out of time.  How nice it feels to already have this much ready to go!

The page on the right has a couple of pockets to tuck receipts, notes, whatever into.  The plain cardstock behind the larger pocket will most likely be jazzed up a bit or covered with more cardstock and a tab before the trip.

 The large journaling page with the bird makes me happy, and so does the graph paper on the right.  I recycled a big yellow mailing envelope as a page and I'll probably put some maps in there.

 On the left page below, I used a recycled manila file folder as a fold out and covered one side with a vintage dictionary page coated in gesso.  On the flip side is more graph paper.  Again, lots of room for photos and journaling.

For the last set of pages, I used a recycled coffee cup insulator to be used as a little pocket on one side and left the other side primarily blank (for now).

Finally, on the back cover, I used this picture of an iron gate and I'll probably add some lettering or something.

So, there it is - my work in process. I hope you enjoyed seeing it before it gets all filled with fun ephmera from my trip. As I said, I'll be working on more tags, journaling spots, and embellishments up until my trip in late September.  When I get back,  I'll share the complete journal at that time.


  1. Love it! such a fun journal. I always say Im going to make one, but havent done it and not sure I ever will!! lol! I have a ton of projects like that stuck in the back of my mind!
    have a great week lisa!

  2. Very nice! I love the variety of the pages and all the color. Hope you have a wonderful trip and find lots of goodies to add to your pages!

  3. I really like your journal. I like the coffee cup pocket. I have my hands in so many projects I have become a "Last Minute Annie" too. I have never heard that term before.

    I'll be back later to snoop around your blog. But for now...hubbys on his way up the driveway and I have to get ready to walk the dogs.

  4. So cute, Lisa! What a great time you'll have filling it up.

  5. Very Pretty!!Hope your trip was fun.
    Chris =]

  6. Love it- especially the coffee cup sleeve :)

    Sandy xox