Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy December!

I've been busy with the usual December activities: planning for Christmas, Christmas shopping, decorating, crafting... I always have these big plans for all the things I want to do in the Christmas season but somehow time always gets away from me.

I DID get some crafting time in this weekend which made me very happy! I made one of the cute ornament wreaths for my front door. When I get a decent picture,I'll post it. Simple, easy, and pretty!

These little snowmen have been making appearances around the internet and decided to give one a try myself. Came out pretty cute, didn't it?

I've also seen these trees made several different ways and tried one myself. Time consuming but I'm so happy with the result! Sorry about the dark picture. If I don't take photos in the morning when the light is bright, I have a hard time capturing good pictures.

Lots of activities coming up this month. Hopefully, I'll be a good blogger and write about the goings on. Trying to stay peaceful and enjoy the season.

Thursday is a luncheon for the Case Managers Society here in Tulsa. Dr. Webb is the sponsor this year. Thursday night I am taking a scrapping class - should be fun! Friday is an Open House for the people who manage my website.

Next Sunday is my investment group party at Suzanne's house. She always goes full out decorating and I'm sure she won't disappoint this year! When I was invited to join the group I met everyone for the first time at Suzanne's house at a Christmas party and I remember Christmas trees in EVERY room - some rooms had more than one and gazillions of Christmas decorations everywhere. I need to make something for dessert to bring to the party although my baking skills are kind of shaky as of late. I'll let you know how that turns out!

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  1. Such fun projects! I hope you enjoy your classes, and thanks so much for your prayers and support during this recent 'scare.' You are such a blessing!