Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Countdown is on!

I'm in my final days of consulting for Dr. Webb - Friday is my very last day. Actually, I'm ready to be done now. The way my personality works is that when I decide something is over - I want it over now, I'm done. Finished. When I'm ready to move on, patience is not my strong point. But, I'm going to finish out the week and help him transition over no matter how much I want to be done right. now.

As far as work goes,last week was an incredibly LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG week. I spent my entire week at two marketing events. The first one was an Aging Conference and the second one was the Case Managers Annual meeting. Luckily, both were held at the same venue but it meant setting up on Monday, sitting and talking to people Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; moving our booth and materials and sitting and talking all day Friday. What made it so difficult was that is was absolutely freezing inside the vendor hall all week. I don't do well with the cold - it exhausts me and makes me miserable. I did keep a smile on my face (hope nobody noticed my chattering teeth!) and tried to dress as warmly as possible. I still froze. So glad to be done with that.

Last Saturday evening Doug and I went to our friends' Lisa & Wayne's house for a meet and eat. Eight couples, including us, are going on a Catamaran Cruise next summer to the British Virgin Islands. Everyone somehow knows Lisa and Wayne but this evening was to introduce everyone else and get a chance to know each other a little bit before next summer. Lisa cooked an *amazing* array of foods for all of us and the evening was so much fun! I'm sorry that I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any pictures to share.
We are going to be split up on two catamarans that each will have a captain and a hostess to cook for us. We are going to float around the islands, get some sun, eat, drink and have an amazing time. I know the trip is a year away but we are all so excited! Gives us something to look forward to.

Another thing I am looking forward to is the month of June off from work! I'm taking a sabbatical of sorts to try to figure out what I want to do next.The funny thing is how people are so worried about what I'm going to do next. People seem shocked that I want to take a month off. It's okay - I'll figure it out. Plus, I really need to get this house in order - organize from top to bottom. I'm working on my list of everything I want to accomplish and I'll share as I go along. My craft room is almost done - my organizer fell off her bike and broke her arm so we are on hold for the moment as to the finishing touches. I can't wait to share - I'm sort of embarrassed of the before pictures but I am so excited about the transformation I'm going to have to show how much it has changed!

One fun thing I am doing right now is taking an online art class from Suzi Blu. It's called Petite Dolls. Although I like to craft, up until this point I didn't think I could really draw. But I'm going to put myself out there and not worry about what everyone thinks about my creativity or talent. I'm doing it for fun, and I'm doing it for me. I'll probably post some of my sketches here and I look forward to getting some feedback but please, constructive criticism only. No need to be mean or hurtful. ;)

Suzi Blu is also a "Brave Girl". She went to camp this month and I actually think I found her through Melody Ross - either on a blog or a link or something like that. Suzi has a great post on her site about her trip to Brave Girls. If you are interested, take a look here.

I do need to go and buy a new scanner and printer - mine bit the dust last week. When I get the new one set up I am going to share a picture that Doug did the other night while I was watching one of Suzi's online videos. Be on the lookout for Doug's artwork - it's pretty funny.

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  1. I think it is really exciting for you to be taking a break from "work", although it is amazing how quickly a month goes past when you are doing things like organizing a studio. I hope you have a wonderful time. Who knows what will come out of that room in the future! Also, that trip sounds amazing. Here (up north) it has been very rainy, and I am looking forward to going to Ithaca, n.y. in a week, staying for about 2 weeks at a bed and breakfast called Home Again, in Aurora, which is run by the daughter and son-in law of the MackenzieChilds. You might like it there, it is very colorful and peaceful.