Monday, May 10, 2010

Mary Engelbreit Home Companion Workshop in St. Louis - Post 2

As the workshop was getting closer, I got online to do some research on the area we would be visiting. One of the places I found was "The Cupcakery" and I immediately let Rachel know since she loves cupcakes. Yep - they were delicious and let's just say we visited the store more than once. ;)

The first evening we went to an awesome Italian restaurant called "Bar Italia". We ate outside under a big white tent. The weather was beautiful even if it was a little windy. We shared some appetizers and each had a salad. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the place but I want to be sure to remember the name so I can eat there the next time I visit St. Louis.

Our second night in St. Louis we ate at "Scape". Again, fabulous food! One of the specials was Butternut Squash Risotto and it was beyond good!

We also visited Bissenger's Chocolate Shop and of course had breakfast Sunday morning at Crepes. YUM!

Okay, enough about the food and back to the classes.
My second class on the first day was a jewelry class with Kaari Meng of the French General. The project was a beautiful blue charm bracelet and I couldn't wait to take the class. Imagine my surprise when we were offered the opportunity to make either the blue bracelet *or* we could make a pink bracelet! You don't have to ask me twice - of course I went with the pink. I also purchased another kit to make a different floral bracelet at home.
Getting started:

My beautiful pink bracelet:

On the second day, my first class was a fabric bird sculpture with Kathy. I think I was a little tired that morning and just couldn't find my groove at first. However, once I finally got started I was so happy with my little bird! She looks like a little party bird. Don't make fun of her because her head is a little crooked - it's part of her charm. I just love her and I can't wait to make more of these.

Here is Kara with her beautiful little bird:

What I loved so much about this conference was the incredible creativity of everyone. Where the projects could be individualized, they were. Just amazing!
My final class was a Folding Travel Tray with Charlotte Lyons. This was a perfect ending to the crafty conference. We finished a beautiful tray and it wasn't too complicated for the end of the day when we were so tired.

Charlotte is so talented and so sweet and although I was disappointed I didn't get to take her cuckoo clock class, she had extra kits for sale and I purchased one to create at home. Yay Me!
Kara and Rachel looked so cute all weekend. Rachel made a beautiful flower in one of Kaari's classes. Check out Rachel's blog to see.

Me - I just had to make sure I stayed warm and comfy for crafting! Jeans and sneakers. Me and Kara:

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Okay, that is enough for today - we are under tornado warnings here in Oklahoma so I'd better sign off. Next post I'll share pictures of Mary Engelbreit's studio. Stay safe!

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  1. Hi Lisa, just enjoyed re-living the workshop while reading your entry, thanks for posting the links, i'll go check them out too, michelle