Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Book

Both of my sisters are having babies. One sister (Amanda) is due in October with a little boy and my other sister (January) is due in January (not a typo) although we don't know just yet what she is having.
I've been busy making a little scrapbook for Amanda's baby. Since I really don't think my family reads my blog I'm pretty sure it's safe to post pictures of the pages before I get the scrapbook in the mail.
The first and last pages look larger than the rest but they are not - I just scanned them individually and scanned the "double" pages as one scan.
I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out since this is my first ever complete scrapbook that I did entirely by myself! It is a small scrapbook with each page being just 6 x 6. I just hope Amanda likes it.

The little lion is a brad that I got at Hobby Lobby.

The cute little giraffes I cut using my Cricut and the Create a Critter cartridge.

Is that cow not the cutest thing!?!


  1. My two sisters and I had babies in the same year twice. It made my mom crazy. Scarp books are the best gift and these are going to be awesome. btw thanks for the sweet words on my puppy:)

  2. oh how sweet I bet they love what you have been working on...I so wish i was crafty!

  3. Congratulations.

    Eduardo Dantas

  4. they are going to LOVE those sweet books! :) and i can't believe they don't visit your blog- altho my family really doesn't either.