Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yarn Store and Knitting Lessons

I am so excited! I've had "learn to knit" on my to do list for about four years now. I bought a kit to knit a hat about 3 years ago and the kit is still sitting unopened in my craft room. I just couldn't really fathom trying to learn to knit from written instructions. I'm too impatient to sit there and try to figure out what the words are telling me and trying to decipher the diagrams. I do so much better if someone shows me how to do something.
Back in the winter, Doug and I were shopping at Utica Square in Tulsa and I came upon this cute little yarn store called "Loops". Loops had the most beautiful yarns in gorgeous colors and textures and I was dreaming of all the beautiful things I could make if I only knew how to knit. I picked up a schedule of classes but somehow never made it back to take a class. I got busy and honestly too lazy to drive all the way to Utica square (about 30 minutes from home). But imagine my excitement when I discovered Loops was opening a *new* location in South Tulsa! I could hardly wait for them to open their doors.
I went in last week to pick up a schedule with hopes to finally get around to taking a class. It was my lucky day because they were actually holding a free "happy hour" that evening to learn the basics of knitting. I've learned it's best to take action as soon as possible once you set a goal so I went back that very night and got started. I picked out my yarn, bought some knitting needles and now I actually can knit! I'm working on a scarf right now and it is a little lumpy and bumpy but I LOVE it. Where the stitches aren't the prettiest I'll probably cover the area with felt flowers or something. I plan to take Knitting 101 in October, then follow up with Knitting 102 immediately after. At that point I should be ready to knit the cutest little sweater wrap that they have displayed in the store. I've already bought the sweater pattern - you know - for inspiration!


  1. way to go! I love knitting too-- hope you have a lot of fun with it

  2. I love how you went to the class that night. It must have felt wonderful to finally learn to knit. Yarns these days are so beautiful I'm sure you will find lots of ways to use your new skills.

  3. good for you for taking action so quickly!! i need to pick up my needles again soon, but it seems too hot right now. i need to move on to something like a far, i've only made scarves. have fun!!!