Monday, February 28, 2011

Already the end of February!

This month has come and gone a whole lot faster than I anticipated. I mean, I knew it was a short month to begin with and that I would be gone for almost a week because of Brave Girls but add on top of that being sick for a week, being snowed in for several days and just catching up in general and the month flew by before I knew what was happening.
As fast as the month flew by I did manage to:
attend Brave Girlstake Jackie's clipboard class
finish my ATC cards for my swap
Sign up for an Easter Tag Swap
take Jackie's mystery journal class (The picture below is from Jackie's blog)

One thing I fully intended to do was the tote bag for Jemellia's Sewing Challenge and I just didn't get to it this month. I'm still going to work on it but I didn't get it done in time. Bummer.

I'm planning on March being a more productive month for me and I'm totally excited that in less than two weeks we will change the clocks for daylight savings time. I love the longer days and look forward to being able to get so much more done.
On a happy note, I heard today that Silver Bella *will* be taking place again this year. I was sad to hear that it wasn't going to happen but now that word on the street is that it *will* I'm so excited! Sign ups open on April 1st (better not be an April's fools!).


  1. Oh that journal class of Jackie's...I have to see all your lovely creations!

    So happy spring is nigh...

  2. I commented on Jackie's blog that the picture of you looks like you may be a doll, are you a doll? Yes.

    I have not even thought of daylight savings yet, woot! I yearn for it! Throw your bag in the mix when you finish it, how would you have time to finish with all of the traveling that you are doing? I would hate to think that you are a doll robot...