Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birds out and about in the snow

Doug got me out of the house for a little while today but the roads were NOT good. I would not and will not be driving on these roads any time soon so I'm lucky that I don't mind too much staying home - even if I am getting a little crabby these days. We had some lunch and tried to go by Barnes and Noble for a few new magazines but they were closed.
Here is our neighborhood:

By the pond:

On one of the main roads by the mall we even saw a firetruck get stuck while turning the corner trying to respond to a call.

I'm having fun using the giant lens on my camera and taking pictures of birds. It's exciting to see all the beautiful and different birds and I'm thrilled with how good the pictures are coming out even though I'm taking them from inside the house!

We have multiple sets of these gorgeous cardinals and finally I'm seeing some bluebirds!

These birds are enjoying some tasty berries.

Look at this little guy - he looks MAD - kind of how I feel these days.

I am so thankful for heat and electricity and plenty of food to eat.
Hope you are staying warm and staying safe!


  1. Ur pics are awesome.

    I am with you. Very thankful for a nice warm house and plenty of food and blankets and comfort and warmth.

    U can download mags from B&N on to your computer after u do the nook software. Makes storage problems a thing of the past.

    Stay warm.

  2. Love you pictures. They are so so good. Enjoy your trip Lisa. I would love to make it to camp one day. I am getting a lot out of the online workshop

  3. Those are great pics of the birds!! Stay safe and warm!