Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly

Being a Monday, I woke up a little crabby this morning. We had storms and howling winds in the middle of the night and that meant an extra dog in the bed and a little less sleep for me.
In the middle of getting myself ready for the day, the contractors for my back porch arrived. I was mad at myself for not clearing the area yesterday when it was sunny and warm and instead would have to run out back with barely dried hair and move all that furniture.
Well, as my mom always told me - Things happen for a reason...
As I was shlepping the furniture across the grass, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a butterfly. (hey- a rhyme!)
Sure enough, there was this beautiful Monarch and he appeared to be struggling and very tired. As I looked closer I could see that he was tangled in the grass and couldn't break free. I didn't want to pull on his wings and hurt him so I pulled out the entire clump of grass and brought him inside to untangle him and let him warm up. I went to get a container to put him in and by that time he was trying to fly but could barely lift himself up to go in a circle.
I put him in a glass container with an open lid to allow him to rest his wings and get warm and I put a tiny drop of water in with him so he could have a drink. He started to look a little bit more perky so I took him back outside to place him on my azaleas so he could drink some nectar. When I opened the container he was like a new little butterfly and I watched him test out his wings and then fly off into the distance.


  1. That brought a tear to my eye! Thank you for taking such good care of that butterfly!

  2. So pretty. I was in the garden all day yesterday and did not see one flutter by.

    Course in that wind they would have been more like a bullet passing by.

    Awesome pic.

  3. You're sweet to take care of him! We saw three in our yard Sunday afternoon. The wind was blowing so hard I'm surprised the were able to fly, but they managed somehow. They're just beautiful.