Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting ready for Birdsong and other crafts

This weekend I'll be off to Kansas for Karla's Birdsong event. I've signed up for a "frilly birds swap" and while I've picked a bird to embellish, I'd better get busy and get her dressed for the occasion!

I'm off to Hobby Lobby today to get some additional supplies and I'll post a picture of my finished birds probably next week. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the ladies I'll be trading with at Birdsong. The other frilly birds are sure to be amazing and I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with.
I also signed up for a "Secret Garden Tag Swap". Mine will be mailed off today so I'm just making it under the deadline. It's funny how I think up an idea for a tag but somehow the finished product looks *nothing* like my original plan.

Isn't this little guy cute? He is only about two inches tall and the second one I have made. Doug has the first one that he carries around in his pocket and he says it gives him a smile. Me too!


  1. What *beautiful* birds! I can't wait to meet you this weekend!

  2. Love your tags for the tag swap - SO cute! I mailed mine today. Now if I can only get over my Bird Song envy - with you and Laurie both going, I'm so sad that I didn't sign up! Have fun!

  3. Sounds amazing and wish I was creating with those KC girls! They are all so talented! Have a wonderful time and I will be anxious to see YOUR pictures of the retreat!

  4. OH lucky you!! I bet youre going to have such a good time! I wish I was going somewhere special and fun!! I got your email and will email you back as soon as I figure out where I put valeries address!!
    have a great day!

  5. Well, aren't you quite the traveler? It sure looks like it will be a lot of fun.