Monday, August 8, 2011

Golf Tourney and Cancelled Flaming Lips...

(Karpy, Smo, Pate, Douglas)
Well the Golf Tourney went off without a hitch and was a great time for everyone despite the 115 degree heat that day. I stayed for the first half and took a bunch of pictures of everyone then I had to head home to ice down the beer and get the food ready.

(Chip, JT, Sherb & Royboy)

(Darrell, Frank, Defreese, Rice)

(Neil Shindler, Smokebelly, John Feary, Greg Cross, Humble's Boy, Adam)
Afterwards the guys came back to the house to eat and shower to get ready for the Brady District Block Party with the Flaming Lips. We have had these unbelievable temperatures and no rain for over 35 days now but on Saturday night we got a freak storm that passed through and collapsed the stage just prior to the show. According to the Flaming Lips camp, they had a ton of damage and their electronic light wall was destroyed. This is the electronic wall at last year's Flaming Lips New Years Eve Party:

Luckily no one was hurt but they lost almost a million dollars of equipment. We don't know yet if the concert will be rescheduled and the guys were so bummed out to miss the show but at least they had a great golf tournament.


  1. Lisa,
    OMGoodness girl, 115! I thought it was hot here. We're having a cold front I guess, it's only 108. Love the mention of flamming lips. Wow, that takes me back to my hay day. Lisa

  2. Wow! I heard about the cancellation but I also heard that they would do it again and your tickets will be good! I hope you heard the same thing. Sounds like a fun weekend and it looks like a great group of guys!

  3. i feel you on this heat- i'm in dallas and it's misery. i've forgotten where you are. anything over 100--- :( yuck.

    but we're breaking records! yay!

  4. Thanks Sweetie! Did I mention you are the Bee's Knee's?!?! Thanks for all your help with our Golf Tourney! Your photo's turned out great!!! AND the food was delicious! You need any help with any of your craft outings? I got your back! Love ya! Douglas