Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look what I got!

I know right now she looks a little rough but I'm going to fix her up. Somewhere in blog land I saw where someone found a dress form all beat up (even worse than this) and used Rigidwrap to smooth out any imperfections. After she's looking more smooth, I may or may not cover her with either linen or burlap - I'll see how the Rigidwrap treatment turns out.
She is on a very nice, very solid pedestal that I have plans to paint to better suit my taste.
The best part is that I found her at a little thrift store for $10.00! Yep ~ $10.00! One of the employees grumbled that I should have paid alot more for her but I just smiled as I waltzed my soon to be beautiful dress form right out the door.
I've been doing some crafting and a few projects so stay tuned...


  1. Oh yay! You're going to have fun with her, I just know it!

  2. how cool- and what a great price. i love it when i find something like that for such a steal. you were meant to have it!!

  3. SCORE! I have three that I picked up ranging from $3 to $20. I think I even did a tutorial on covering one of them :-) Your a lucky girl, the one you found is a beaut!!!