Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Up?

What funny bears!
It's rare that we can capture all of them on the back of the couch at once. If we are eating, usually at least two are at our feet hoping for crumbs to drop.
From Left to right is Phoebe, Teddy, Nestle and Niles.
It's been a crazy busy week trying to get ready for Doug's golf tournament tomorrow but we did manage to cross a few more things off the list like:

Ceiling fan bought and installed in laundry room
Ceiling fan bought and installed on back porch
Mulched all the garden beds in the back yard
Bought and hung a huge mirror in the kitchen behind the table
Bought two new lamps for the living room.
Washed the windows on the back side of the house.

*and* we've had exhausting temperatures upwards of 105 degrees for the past month or so. One day it actually hit 115. That is crazy!

Busy day tomorrow - Doug's golf tournament, friends over for a party after, a "reunion" party with the people we went to the BVI with, then the Brady District for the Flaming Lips Block Party! I'd better go get some sleep...


  1. Oh my have a fleet! I thought my sister was bad with 3! How do you do it?

  2. Your pups are so adorable! (And also, I got one of your tags in the Birdsong Tag Swap!)

  3. What sweet babies! They're darling. Aren't dogs wonderful?

    I'm impressed with all that you accomplished in this heat. You deserve that Lips Block Party! Have fun!

  4. Are your dogs Yorkies? The black & white one looks Spaniel-like, but the others look like Yorkies. I have a Yorkie-Poo and he's so spunky and fun, even though he's almost 10 now.

    Anyway, have fun and thanks for sharing. I'm a sucker for dogs!

  5. those doggies are soooo cute! and i can't believe they gave you that pose, all at the same moment!!! so glad you were able to snap it. when that (rarely) happens in my life, i seem to be without camera.

  6. They are so precious and attentive! What little faces. I could look at this photo all day!