Thursday, October 6, 2011

Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been c.r.a.z.y. around here. Here is a synopsis of all the activity:
Moved my office to a new location
Had my home office painted a new color
Had our garage doors painted (they look great!)
Went to the Tulsa State Fair (my first time ever and Doug won me a goldfish!)
Cleaned my master closet (actually, I pulled everything out and am slowly putting some back in!)
Went to The Indie Emporium Craft fair
Went to Brushy Creek Craft Fair
Took a trip to OKC for a hearing and pizza at the Wedge.
Gave the dogs a bath
Took my little sister to the Ballet (The Merry Widow)
Planted pansies around the front tree
Participated in a Halloween Mini Book Swap (waiting for my books to arrive!)

Feels like I haven't sat still in a while. But I've got some crafting to do this weekend! I'm going to do a Military Themed Fabric Collage like the one I did in KC Willis' class. The Oklahoma Bar Association is having its annual meeting and art show and I want to submit a fabric collage of my cousin who was in the Marines. Also, I am participating in a fall themed tag swap so I need to get those finished.

In addition, the next few weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy as I am headed to Texas for A Wicked Tea, then to Connecticut to see my family and a side trip to NYC. Finally, back to Nebraska for Rachel's wedding so I'll have lots to blog about. :)


  1. At least you have been busy with wonderful things!!!!
    I'll be taking the Flag class from KC Willis and I can't wait! It was supposed to be this weekend but she moved it to January.

  2. I love your Halloween pic at the top of the blog!! Can't wait to see you at the wedding :) Try and get some rest before then :)