Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Wicked Tea!

I made my way to Roanoke, Texas this weekend to attend A Wicked Tea at Ann-Denise Anderson's new studio: P'Arty Place. It is located in the back of an awesome creative "mall" called The Plaid Peacock.

I was so excited that I arrived an hour early for the festivities and went next door to this adorable Book Store and Coffee Shop.

Look how cute - I could have spent hours here if I didn't have an art event to attend!

Ann-Denise created such a fun and whimsical setting and there were delicious treats everywhere you looked!

View from my seat - don't you just love our clock face place mats and our customized cauldrons? The adorable tag was made by my friend Cami.

Sandra Feazel taught this fun stuffed pillow. We took a simple white bag and painted it, stamped it, glittered it and mod podged it to create a custom paper to attach to our pillow form. The ones shown are of my classmates. I need to finish embellishing mine.

Our class kits were in these hand painted buckets.

Lisa McIlvain taught this spooky Raven Assemblage.

I've always wanted to work with wax and had so much fun doing so. I've already asked Doug to buy me a heat gun for Christmas. :)
Our final class of the day was a cotton spun doll taught by Ann-Denise. This is the incredibly detailed doll that Ann-Denise made - her crepe paper outfit is adorable!

I was able to create my doll out of the spun cotton but didn't get a chance to finish dressing her because I ran out of time. Honestly, by the end of the day I was exhausted! As soon as she is complete, I will post a picture.


  1. Oh Lisa it looks like so much did a great job!

    Thank You for your sweet comment about this darling family! I can't even imagine going through something like this.

  2. morning Lisa! wow! looks like a fun event. lots of great crafting. theres never anything like that around here! (did you hear the whine in my voice there? lol)
    I LOVE your blog banner!!! freaken adorable!
    I hope you have the bestest week this week!
    xoxo! vivian

  3. I know I'm a week late, but, this looked like so much fun! Great photos! Is that Charlotte doll thingie a nut cup? It is too darn cute! I love what you guys made! What a great event that gal puts on! How fun that you got to hang out with Cami and Lisa M!

  4. i don't know where this is in relation to dallas, but oh! i might have to make the drive for that bookstore alone!!!

  5. What a fabulous time you had!! Looks like so much fun!!