Monday, October 31, 2011


I feel a little lame this year because I'm totally not prepared. I didn't put out any decorations and I'm not even dressing up to hand out candy. Bummer, I know.
Usually we go all out. We decorate, we have spooky music, red lights, fog machines. We do the Flaming Lips March of a 1000 skeletons, we dress up, I do candy treat bags. This year, not so much. Yes, I'm handing out candy but not in cute little treat bags, and I'm not dressing up.... I just haven't been able to muster up the Halloween Spirit.
Oh well ~ there is always next year. At least we are having Halloween. My family in Connecticut is not. Their Halloween has been cancelled due to snow and power outages.
So - I hope you all enjoy your evening and have a safe, fun holiday. I'll be enjoying all the little ghouls who come this way!


  1. You deserve a break! youve been very busy lately. I bet you had fun handing out candy. do you get many kids where you are? I had 5. yup.. 5 little trick or treaters.. mario, a purple princess, a doctor, a hippie, and I dont know what the other was.. in fact I'm not sure he was even dressed up!
    have a great day Lisa!

  2. ba humbug! i ran out of candy at 7:15 and we had to turn off our lights. my husband made me feel guilty that i was handing out more candy, so once he questioned me about it, i started giving each kid a handful, as opposed to run. and so, my two large bags of candy were gone very quickly.