Tuesday, February 21, 2012

KC Willis is coming to Tulsa!

Ok ladies, mark your calendars and hop on over to the link below to sign up for this awesome class that KC Willis will be teaching in Tulsa:

The class is Storytellers and here is KC's description:
Storytellers. Using the techniques of my signature style we will create a wall piece using multiple images to tell a story of the Old West, of family history, of the life of your favorite artist...whatever you like. I will show you how to balance your work with images, collages and embellishments...and secrets to making everything look old. And yes...you will have this done or close to it in one day! 
 These are samples of KC's that are on her website and you can customize the project the way you like.
If you've never experienced one of KC's classes, you are *NOT* going to want to miss this one!  This is the last time she will be traveling and teaching.
I took a class with her last year at the Paper Crown and absolutely loved the class and KC too.
KC brings all the materials you need to complete the class and there is so much to chose from.
Won't you come join us? The class will be on Saturday, April 21st at the B Sew Inn at the Farm in Tulsa.


  1. lucky you! Tulsa just a bit far from here.. now if it was rochester of buffalo.. Id be there!
    have a great week!

  2. KC is such a sweet lady.

    I have not seen B Sew. I will have to drive by there next time I *come to town*.

    Are you in many Easter trades?

  3. Such fun!! Enjoy!
    I took the flag class from KC at her home studio!