Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Valentines for Kim

The benefit of doing a bunch of Valentine swaps at one time is that when inspiration strikes, I can make extras of one project and send them along too. It takes me so long to be inspired and then to finally bring my idea to fruition.
As seen in my last post, I originally thought about making this ornament for Laurie's Ornament Swap but I thought maybe Kim would like one too.
I thought this one turned out pretty.
I read on Kim's blog that she liked owls (well at least at Halloween) so I thought I'd make her a Valentine Owl. She almost lost this little bird to Doug but I wrestled it back with the promise to make him one too.
This fun little heart was made from some Laura Ashley fabric I had in my stash.  So pretty and feminine.
This little heart was made from organza that I cut in heart shapes and was inspired by the flower that Ann-Denise made.
Don't you love this sweet little doggie Valentine? While I was at it, I made 14 more for a tag swap I participated in.
I included some embroidered kitchen towels.  I don't know about you but I can never have enough towels for my kitchen.
Valentine note pads:
Some bling to create with:
Oops - another sideways picture.  A "Love" ornament.
Happy Valentine's Day Kim!  Hope you enjoy.  :)

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