Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valentine Makery at Ann-Denise's House

I almost didn't get to attend the Valentine Makery at Ann-Denise's house. As is usual for Ann-Denise's events, the event sold out before I could register. Fortunately for me, I took a class with Ann-Denise and told her if anyone couldn't make it for any reason to let me know and I would definitely be there. If I remember right, I stomped my foot and pouted like a little baby when I initially found out there was no more room. But, someone was looking out for me and almost the very next day I found out there actually *was* room now that someone else could not make it. I'm sorry for her, but as you'll see by the pictures below this was an event NOT to be missed!
Ann-Denise made beautiful Valentine boxes for all of the participants.  We all made Valentine's for each other.  I felt like a little kid again, writing out my Valentines and passing them out.  I waited until I got home to go through each and every beautiful handmade creation.
This sweet Valentine canvas was made by Sandra Feazel and I was the lucky winner since I drove the farthest to attend the event. Yay Me!  Sitting next to the canvas is the little Valentine dollie I made in Ann-Denise's class.  Everyone's dollie came out so different but each one so cute!
Above is the encaustic art piece that I made in a class taught by Sandra.  She generously shared tons of gorgeous trims and embellishments for use in creating our piece.  I should have taken pictures of everyone's finished art, but I'm so happy with how mine came out.
This is how she packaged our kits. Just beautiful!

Click on this picture so you can see how beautiful this crepe paper canopy is.

Look at the cute straws in our glasses next to bottled water and Italian soda's.

All the girls passing out their Valentines.
I just can't get over the attention to detail Ann-Denise puts into every single event she does.
Handmade paper pompoms. Amazing...
As I stepped inside the front door I knew I was in for an unbelievable treat when I saw how beautifully the front room was decorated.
For lunch, Ann-Denise made a fabulous salad with pink dressing that was delicious, followed by Chicken Marsala and garlic mashed potatoes.  Oh my gosh.  The second I got home I went to her board on pinterest to find the Marsala recipe so I can try it myself.

To see more, click over to Ann-Denise's blog, Whim and Fancy Designs.  Enjoy!


  1. oh what fun! I saw her pics the other day. Love the doll you make LIsa! I'm glad you were able to go after all.
    have a great day!

  2. Oh my goodness. What gorgeous party. Such a beautifully decorated event. I'm completely smitten with the lovely crepe paper and pom pom ceiling.

  3. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time in Texas with the Queen of Parties!

    Looking forward to you being in class next week.

  4. That event looks just amazing. Such a bummer we don't have passionate people here that put on events like that. I would so love to attend some of these events. I'm so glad that you get to enjoy them.
    I am so craving chicken marsala now that you mentioned it!! Did you find the recipe

  5. Wow! She's something! You should have seen the crepe paper gown she made last year for Paper Cowgirls, it was amazing.