Friday, May 18, 2012

Birdsong Gifts

It never ceases to amaze me the generosity of my artsy friends.  Arriving at Birdsong Two this year, these cake boxes were waiting for each one of us.  Karla made the beautiful tags to adorn them.
 Inside each box were the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts from the sponsors of this years event.  The thought that goes into the packaging always amazes me.
 Don't you just love this beautiful sachet from Tricia Kay Johnson?  So pretty!  Although I want to use the sachet, I almost don't want to disturb the beautifully decorated bag it came in.
 I love this tag sent to us by Laurie May.  I'm going to add it to my journal
 Tami made this adorable peat pot decorated with a sweet bird. Inside was a birds nest necklace and a package of bird themed embellishments.
 When I arrived, Tami also surprised me with a birdie jello tin filled with goodies.  It was beautifully packaged but I didn't take a picture before I opened it.
 Nora surprised all of us with these amazing candles she had made special just for Birdsong Two!  She also surprised me with a bird themed water bottle, a note paper packet, a movie, a floral jewelry tray and a beautiful bird charm necklace.
Isn't this cute?  Linda made these floral decorated spools covered in seam binding.  It doesn't show in the photo but there is a precious bird charm attached to the safety pin. I love it!
Laurie is always over the top generous!  Greeting me upon my arrival, she handed me this wonderful packet of ephemera.  You would not even believe the wonderful treasures she packed in there.  Not only that, each and every item was so lovingly packaged.  I'm still "ooohing" and "aahhhing" over all the treasures.  I don't know where she finds all this goodness but I'm so thankful for her generous heart in sharing!
 In addition to the packet above, in our swag boxes, Laurie also gave each one of us another packet of precious treasure.  A little bird on a spool, a sweet fiber bird nest, some pretty lace...
 The button floozies provided this bag of buttons for each of us!
My friend Terri from here in Oklahoma sent this sweet sponsor gift filled with bird themed images, vintage lace, buttons and ribbon.  

 Ellie gave us these amazing dried roses.  These were perfect for some of the projects we worked on over the weekend.
There were other sweet and thoughtful gifts throughout the weekend.  Someone made beautiful fabric flowers for each of us. I'm sorry I don't know who to give credit to.  I asked a couple people and got different answers but I want to say "Thank you!" and I continue to wear mine very happily.  Suzanne surprised me with a little swan like the one she decorated her matchbox with. I sat next to Jeanette who had all kinds of embellishments that she shared with the group. Just click on each picture to enlarge it and see up close.  I'm telling you - the generosity of the ladies who attend this event is amazing to me.  As I'm typing this, I'm sure there are ladies that I'm failing to mention. I treasure each and every wonderful gift.  I have all my treasures in my craft room and they certainly make me smile and remember what an incredible weekend we had!
I wanted to make a special mention of something that Nicki did.  A few weeks ago when I went to Ann-Denise's High Tea, we had a White Elephant swap. I chose a gift from the pile and when I unwrapped it, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful tea cup with a bird on it, the lovely napkins, the ribbon - just the whole gift was something that I loved.  I was hoping that nobody would take it from me, but unfortunately another person wanted it too and took it from me.  I ended up with another lovely tea cup and ephemera so don't feel sorry for me!  Anyway - Nicki saw how much I loved her gift and she went out and and reassembled the same gift and brought it to me at Birdsong Two!  

I'm telling you - I just *love* the ladies I have met by going to these events.  Not only do we share a love of crafting and creating beautiful treasures, but these are some of the best people (in their hearts) that I have known. 


  1. What amazing treasures! I'm putting Birdsong on my bucket list and hope this year was the second of many Birdsong weekends!

  2. I agree Lisa, the Bird Song Peeps are so generous and kind-hearted!

    Lisa you are such a sweet Peep!

    Thank you for sharing photos of our sponsor gifts - that's something I still have on my list to do.

  3. Lisa, my mom and I made the flower pins. So glad you liked it.

  4. Oh Lisa, it was so great to see all the gifts in one place like this -- such happy memories of the weekend and all its goodies! I totally agree -- the people we hang out with at Birdsong are so sweet and generous! I adore that tea cup in Nicki's 'replacement' gift for you!

  5. Gorgeous gifts, many congrats! :)

  6. Oh man!!! What a lucky duck you are! I would love-love-love to go to one of those events!!!

  7. LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!! Like an early Christmas for you!!!What wonderful thing to have such lovely friends.

  8. It is always amazing to me how creative these women are! Thank You for sharing all your goodies!