Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Look at this beautiful butterfly that came to visit my butterfly bush! 

 I just love lavender, don't you?  There are three varieties planted in my back yard and this year I'm going to try to make lavender oil.  It is so soothing and calming.
These pretty flowers make me happy.  
I'm trying to buy mostly perennials for my gardens but it's always so tempting to purchase the beautiful annuals that I see everywhere. 
I'm going to Oklahoma City this week to take another one of Jackie's *fabulous* classes at The Paper Crown.  Wait until you see what we are making.  It's going to be fun.  :)  Enjoy this short week!


  1. What are you making???? You know I wanna see!

    Have fun in OKC.

  2. Am anxious to hear how your lavendar oil turns out...Sounds wonderful..

  3. Gorgeous butterfly photo! I love to watch them... my mom always loved them, guess that's why I'm so fond of them.

    Eager to see what you create at The Paper Crown - be sure and share with us!!

  4. I love lavender, too, so much! I used to grow it in CA but haven't been able to get it to grow in CO, darn it! Have so much fun at your class! 'Can't wait to hear if I'll be seeing you soon!