Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree and Ornaments

This year I went with a white tree with mulit-colored lights and lots of my favorite decorations.  I love it!

 A few weeks ago, Doug and I went to the Tulsa flea market and I found this sweet vintage little Christmas bird.  There was no way he was staying there so he had to come home with me!  I love his chippy paint and his precious eyes.
Of course, everyone remembers Precious Moments.  My mom bought this angel for me while I was in nursing school.  I had just gotten my own apartment, I was totally broke and had just started collecting Christmas decorations.  Most of what I had that year was homemade (which I still love!) but this ornament has special sentimental value to me. 
 Look at this squishy owl!  He is brand new to my collection this year.  Doug and I went to a local nursery to check out the decorations and Doug bought this sweet guy for me.
 Remember the island of misfit toys?  We joke that our home is that island and I love this sweet little doll.
 Isn't this cute - a little fawn kissing a snowman.
 And finally, a bunny on top of an icicle.
I love looking at all my Christmas things!


  1. Beautiful tree! I love ornaments with a story!
    xoxo Jane

  2. Very nice. The tree is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by with your thoughtful and kind words when our sweet Angel went to The Rainbow Bridge. Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  3. I love looking at all the Christmas ornaments, too! I always remember where I got which, too. That one from your mom is really special. Hugs!