Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 White Christmas Tag Swap

This is the 3rd Year I have participated in Jane's White Christmas Tag Swap.  Click on the links to see my tag from 2011 and all the tags from  2010.
This years tags which are far more beautiful in person than I could capture in the late afternoon sun.  To get a closer look, remember to click on the picture for a larger image.
Here we go:
Kimberly Laws:
 Katrina Lynn:
 Liann Shultz:
 Dawn Tavela:
 Garna Barker:
 Cheryl Bass:
 Nora Neeley:
 Jacqueline Reed:
 Laurie Jackson:
 Robin Weins:
 Tami Hacker:
 My tag:
 Tamatha Kaplan:


  1. Happy Christmas Lisa. Thanks for another lovely year of sharing your gorgeous creations and sorry I am so bad at commenting (i do love looking )Hope your Christmas is fun and festive and that 2013 brings love, laughter and many crafty times for you xx

  2. Merry Christmas Lisa! Hope it's all you hope and wish for!

    See you in 2013!