Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap up

I think the end of the year wrap up posts are so much fun.  When I look at other blogs, I get to see things I might have otherwise missed throughout the year. And, when I do my own wrap-up, I get a pleasant reminder of just all that I *DID* get accomplished.  Also, as I'm looking through my old posts, I'm also remembering all the things I meant to blog about but never quite got around to blogging about.

Turns out, 2012 was a pretty crafty year for me!
So, here we go:

 February was a very busy month:
I participated in several Valentine swaps:  a tag swap, an ornament swap, a Valentine goodie swap - (here too!) , all of which I loved!

I took Jackie's Paper-Doll Class at the Paper Crown:

But, once again, Ann-Denise's Valentine Makery was *AMAZING*  You must check out my post on this event.  Do you remember the enchantment and awe you felt as a child when you went someplace very special?  Ann-Denise always makes her events feel like that but, there was something about this event that was just - Wow!
 In March, I hosted Sherry Goshon at my home so she could teach the Tulsa Dolling Dames how to create this beautiful cage doll.  This is a photo of Sherry's doll.  Mine is on my crafting table still waiting to be finished.

Doug had a work conference in Amelia Island, Florida and I got to tag along. :)

And had some friends over for Easter Crafting.

April was a whirlwind with a visit from my sister and Ray, I was teaching Medical Terminology at a college here in Tulsa, doing Hospice visits and getting ready for the two craft events of the month:

I did a few posts on the gifts we received, the classes we did,  and the swaps at Birdsong Two. 

May was  pretty much a crafty fail.  I signed up for two on-line classes that I never finished.  Yep.  Oh well.  I was busy with work stuff but I did manage to squeeze in some fun too.

I play Bunco once a month with a group of girls - in the picture below is my sweet friend Kathy:

June had me busy with Phoebe and her health issues.

But I got back to crafting creating some pin dolls for the Tulsa Dolling Dames to sell at the Quilt show.

And TWO fun Jackie classes at the Paper Crown! Fourth of July Canvas:

July was hot, hot, hot here in Oklahoma.  The Hospice I work for was incredibly busy this summer and I worked many long days.  Hospice can be emotionally exhausting.  So to take care of myself,  I spent my down-time crafting.  I made my very first quilt!
And I  got to spend some more time with my sweet friend, Ann-Denise at the Paper Crown and her Dress form class:

When August came around, I made another quilt top (that is still waiting to be quilted)
Participated in Karla's Faerie Page Swap: (click here to see the pages I received)
And received the Back to School Journal Swap (hosted by Michelle Geller) I had made pages for earlier in the summer.  You'll want to check out this post to see all the amazing pages!

By September,  I was busy working on my pages for Laurie's Breakfast at Tiffany Cloth Book swap.
click here to see all the amazing pages in this book!

I was working on my pages for the Buried Secrets of the Dearly Departed Swap:

 I was back over at the Paper Crown taking more classes:
Bobbie's Miss Pumpkin Queen:

 Bobbie's Hoot! class
And I went to Handmade U - Fall Semester.  I never ended up blogging about that event, the swaps, the projects or anything else.  Shame on me...

October brought more swaps and another amazing Ann-Denise Event with all the swaps!

And Viv's witch hat swap (what I sent to Cindy and what Cindy sent to me)


And some snowmen I made:
Whew! are you still here?  Finally, December!
I did a few ornament exchanges, participated in Jane's White Christmas Tag Swap, made a banner for my nephew, decorated around the house, and went to several Christmas parties.  
For the Dolling Dames Christmas Party, I made this cute Snow Queen:
I can't remember if I got much accomplished around the house this year, but maybe in 2013.  I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to click on the links if you want the original blog post, or click on the pictures if you want a better look.
Thanks for reading my blog!  Happy New Year!


  1. You have been a busy lady as usual! I don't know how you do all the swaps and events you travel to........! Hope 2013 is just as productive as last year!

    Happy New Year sweet friend!

  2. what a great year,,. i love all the ann denise classes and if i lived closer would attend them all...

  3. What a busy year you've had! Hope 2013 is as fun and productive for you. Happy New Year!

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful completed projects.

    A very Happy 2013 to you and your hubby!

  5. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the birthday wishes! You did a lot of fun stuff over the year! All the best to you this new year!

    Sandy xox

  6. wow! that was fun! I too love to see everyones recaps of the year. I considered doing one, but am not patient enough to go back through all my posts to find highlights. And truthfully, I was avoiding going back to some painful days. (the loss of jacob).
    you made some really adorable things Lisa! and lucky you.. to be able to get around to so many events! heres to 2013!! I cant wait to see what we all do this year.

  7. Lisa,
    I enjoy your BLOG Very Much! Love all of your projects.
    Thank you for the invite to come to Tulsa Dolling Dames. I would love to sometime. I will see what I can do. I have a lot on my plate for the next few months. My hubby likes to travel and we are going to Florida to visit our Aunt Jean and then we get on a cruise ship while in Florida and out to sea for 7 days. I will be teaching at a conference and will be getting class supplies, etc ready.

  8. Lisa,

    Wow, what a creative year you had. in the world do you have time for everything. I enjoyed looking over your darling blog. So talented in so many ways...Amazing! Hoping to see you soon. Happy New Year to you...Best Wishes, Bobbie