Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving back in

The reconstruction of our downstairs is almost complete!  The painters are here today putting the finishing touches on the trim work and repairing a few "dings" that took place during this humongous project.

We went for a darker finish on our floors than we had before and we are in love with how they turned out.  The picture below shows the true color of the floors.
 Here is a picture looking in from the front door.  Here the floors look much more orange than they really are, but I took these pictures with my phone since I have not yet located my good camera in all the boxes.
 Here is what things really look like around here.  I'm up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing paper, but hopefully, I'll get this all cleaned up soon.
In the midst of unpacking, I'm locating treasures that I forgot all about!  Look at this cute bunny tea pot I found - and just in time for Spring and Easter.  :)
I've been up to some fun stuff too - another class with Jackie, a Spring swap, and a few other things.  Hopefully now, I can catch up on some blogging that I've missed, so if you'd like to see what else I've been up to, be sure check back in a day or so.


  1. I love ur house ! Your kitchen island looks amazing

  2. Your home is looking lovely... excited to see it finished and furnished. It seems almost like moving to a new home with all the packing and unpacking. Please share more photos through your progress.

  3. I know you are so excited to be getting your house back to normal!

  4. Lisa, you have a beautiful home! I think you'll enjoy the darker floors, I do mine. At first, I thought they would be too much, but it isn't, they are a nice backdrop to the rest of the room, and feel really rich.