Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring in Tulsa

Temperatures finally got up to around 70 degrees here in Tulsa today.  Of course, I had to make a trip to my favorite greenhouse and check out all the beautiful flowers.

 There was plenty to choose from and I walked around and around trying to make a decision. I literally could have easily spent hundreds of dollars in just minutes with all the beautiful baskets, garden decor, herbs, flats...
While I was trying not to go totally crazy buying up every pretty thing I saw, I also know that if you see a flower you like, you'd better grab it because things go fast!  
I totally showed restraint and ended up with these:
Tomorrow I'm off to the Paper Crown again for a class with Ann-Denise.  We are going to make an adorable paperclay dollie necklace.  Can't wait!


  1. Pretty! I haven't bought anything yet, but it won't be long. Have a fun day tomorrow with Ann-Denise and the girls!

  2. Hi Lisa, sounds like you have been really busy with your house stuff, oh my, what an ordeal to live with... hope the worst is over and things are getting back to normal for you all around. And hope your little furry family is doing well by this time. Looks like you have managed to work in a little creative fun here and there. Love your flowers, I am so anxious to plant something outside this spring, but still too early here. Sure hope we get some much needed rain this evening and tomorrow. Will miss seeing you are Birdsong this year if you are going, the timing just didn't work out for me this year. I just know it will be wonderful as usual!! Have a great evening, my friend. Blessings to you, Linda

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  4. Hi Lisa,
    Great flowers. I still have to take pics of my back yard.
    I tried to find your email addy but couldn't find it. I went to Tulsa Doll Conference site. I didn't know there was a Doll Conference in Tulsa. I'm going to try and attend.WOOHOO! Looks like lots of fun. I'm going to talk with my hubby when he comes home later this week. He's in Piegon Forge, TN. Dollie Parton is having a big gathering, parade, etc for the Veteran's at DollyWood. Several men that was in the same Marine Unit with my husband will be there and lots of other Vets from all branches of the military. My husband and some of his Marine bubbies get together every year. Here's my email addy
    So glad you told me about the Tulsa Doll Conference. :-)

  5. Your garden center is amazing!! My favorite time of the year.
    Love all the colors! I can't wait to see more photos of your home and how it's coming along. I am sure it is just gorgeous!!! Looking forward to seeing you at Glitter Market...have a wonderful weekend. Best Wishes, Bobbie

  6. Lisa,
    I first have to tell you that I SO wish I was planting flowers. We actually had snow showers today. Seriously. Enough already!
    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving the nice comment on my post. I totally agree with you. I know when the time comes that she is no longer home, or even with us on earth, I won't have any regret that I didn't try hard enough to keep her happy. That is what is keeping me from giving up. I'll just keep trying. Thanks for understanding. I guess you have been through it too. Bless you for taking care of whoever it was in your life.