Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grand Lake for the 4th of July!

We had a wonderful 4th up at the lake with Doug's family. Before we left our house it started to POUR and continued to do so just until we got off the Vinita exit. We ran into Walmart to get a watermelon and when we came out the sun was trying so very hard to peek through the clouds.

When we got to David's lake house it was still sort of drizzling but after about an hour or so the sun came out and we decided to jump in the boat and head out. We had so much fun!
Katie and Jennifer enjoying a cold one:

Lots of people and boats at Dripping Springs:

Douglas and me:

Me and Dee:

Getting a smooch!

Dee and Katie:

David had a little "accident" with a butter knife while trying to pry apart some burgers. He cut his middle finger really deep so he had to keep it dry and elevated. We got this picture:

Today we were at home trying to get a few things accomplished. Doug mowed and edged the yard while I worked inside the house. Here is what I got accomplished:
1. Niles: Bath
2. Nestle: Bath
3. Bedroom cleaned and vacuumed
4. Our Bathroom cleaned
5. Several (about 6) loads of laundry
6. Cleaned the dining room
7. Cleaned the kitchen
8. Cleaned the nest (where the dogs sleep)
9. Put up the shower curtain in the guest bathroom
10. Cleaned the credenza in my office
11. Doug and I hung a picture over the fireplace, and three pictures in the dining room.

Whew! Productive day! I don't really want to work tomorrow since I'm on a roll with projects around the house. I'd really like to clear a spot in the garage so I can park my car inside. Plus, I'm embarrassed for people too see how terrible it looks out there. We'll see how it goes...
Have a good week!

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