Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tulsa Osteoporosis Support Group

Tonight was our second Osteoporosis support group. Lisa Bates, the Clinical Director of Diagnostica Osteoporosis Center came and talked about Dexa Scans - what they are and what the numbers mean. She is an excellent speaker and although I already knew about Dexa scans and the numbers, I did learn some new things and reinforced my learning about treatment options for osteoporosis.

One thing about seeing so many patients with osteoporosis, and lots of patients not nearly as old as you might think: it's making me start treating my bones with more respect. I'm taking my daily calcium along with extra Vitamin D3 and concentrating more on strength training.

Things have been incredibly busy around here with work, stuff to do around the house and just life in general. I'm so excited because I'm going to be having guests! I get so wrapped up with work and things going on around here so it's going to be nice to have some diversion.

My sister January is coming for a week long visit in September although I probably won't see much of her while she is here. Her friend Dana is coming with her and Dana is going to be staying at her uncle Bruce's house while January stays here with me. January is going to meet up with a friend of hers and probably just take in the sights. I'm curious to see how much she thinks Tulsa has changed since she lived here in 2002. Wait until she sees the new casino! And the Riverwalk!

Then, in October, my best friend Wendy is coming for a visit. Can hardly wait! I'm already making plans for what we are going to do while she is here - eat sushi at In The Raw, check out the Oklahoma Aquarium, walk on the new and improved river trails...Catch up on things and just enjoy each other's company.

In late September, Doug is going to be participating in the MS150 bike ride between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. He is training for it now. Should be alot of fun. I'm going to be the "support" part of the Stryker Byker team: cheering him and his team on and waiting at the half way point and the finish line with lots of big, cold, frosty beer!!

At some point, we really need to take a vacation. I'd love to go someplace warm with crystal clear water. I'm giving it some serious thought. Any suggestions?

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