Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spoiled on my birthday!

My birthday was a very good day. Douglas took me here:

For my dinner, I ordered the caprese salad as an appetizer and the scallops for the main course. It was absolutely delicious! Of course, I forgot to get pictures of the entree, but I did get a picture of my dessert, apple crumb ala mode:

Here we are in a self portrait sneaking a kiss!

Here I am ~ another year older!

Douglas bought me lots of cool presents. I got a pair of MBT sneakers which I have been wanting for a very long time, a Shu Umera (?sp?) eyelash curler, some new clothes, and a great lens for my camera. The pictures above were taken with my little old point and shoot but I can't wait to try my camera with my new lens!

In other news, it has already been a busy week. Last night we went to dinner at D'alesandro's on business. I ordered a caprese salad (!surprise!) and the carbonara. Delicious! But as usual, there is enough carbonara left over to last a week.

I had a business luncheon today and met with another local attorney to discuss a potential case that we might share. Can't talk about specifics here. You know, client confidentiality and all.

On a sad note, over the weekend, a good friend of mine was in a bad motorcycle wreck in Connecticut. He broke his arm, some ribs, punctured his lung and broke his clavicle and shoulder. The shoulder injury is very, very bad. He had a six hour surgery at Yale New Haven Hospital to try to repair the damage. The doctors are not sure how things are going to work out post surgery. If you are so inclined, please pray for Scott. It makes me so sad to think about what he is going through right now.

On a lighter note, we are supposed to head up to Grand Lake on Saturday to see Doug's family. Should be lots of fun out on the boat but we will need to be careful too as I'm sure with the 100 degree temperatures the weather man is predicting in combination with lots of potentially drunk people in speeding boats - we just need to be careful.
Last time we were at the lake, riding the Seadoo ever so peacefully until I got the thing going about 50 miles per hour and dumped Doug right off the back! How I didn't fall off too, I'll never know.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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