Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birdsong Frilly Bird Swap

As promised, here are the pictures from the Frilly Bird Swap I participated in this past weekend at Karla's Birdsong Event.
True to form, I had one idea when I started and my bird came out completely different than what I originally planned on. I was stressing that my bird wasn't going to be "good enough" (why do we do that to ourselves?) but I showed Doug and he said it looked just like me so I decided to leave it just the way it was.

This beautiful bird was made by Laurie. Each of hers were a little different but for some reason this one just spoke to me - not only because of the necklace she has but also the sweet flower on her head.

Cami covered her bird with music and vintage wall paper and place her on a wire holder on top of an embellished spool. Love her bling crown!

This beautiful bird was made by Sharon Penney-Morrison. She is covered in beautiful sparkly fabric and buttons on her wings.

Just look at all the color on this bird by Gail Sell. Can you see her sparkle on her feathers and the beautiful roses around her neck?

Karla put her beautiful bird on a pedestal made from an egg in a nest. I never think of things like that!

Our sweet hostess of this swap, Sherry, made two birds for us: a male and a female -aren't they cute? I just love the sweet little roses for the girlie's feet.

Aren't they all just gorgeous? And so different!


  1. They are wonderful! I know several of these people and they are delightful. Incidentally. I really love what you created and understand totally what you mean about stressing about "is it good enough."
    This is the retreat of the year that I wanted to attend...not to be. Maybe the next one of Karla's retreats!
    Suz (Susan Reaney)

  2. I loved this swap! I loved your bird's frothy gown, too!

  3. These are all wonderful creations. I wanted to stop by and thank you for the Mother's Day wishes on my blog. It's been a lovely day.

  4. so cute! and creative! yes i love the male and female one- xoxox