Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eggs in the Nest!

In the front of our house we have three evergreen trees in decorative planters. It gets so windy here in Oklahoma that sometimes when we come home, the trees are on their sides and we have to stand them upright again. It gets annoying because Doug is allergic to the sap from the trees and the trees with the planters are too heavy and awkward for me to upright by myself. I was just getting ready to move the plants to an in the ground location in the backyard when I noticed a little nest in one of the trees.
I've been watching the nest and the sweet little bird and one day I came home to one tiny blue speckled egg in the sweet little nest. The next day, there were two:

Doug came in this morning while I was getting ready and informed me that there are now THREE eggs in the nest!

I wonder how many more eggs will appear?
And yes, of course we have secured the planters with a bunch of bricks surrounding the bottom. I'm sure the neighbors think we are total white trash but I can't bear the thought of the tree tipping over and losing the eggs. We are supposed to get hit with a major storm this afternoon and I'm hoping and praying the nest won't get disturbed.

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  1. Oh how sweet! What beautiful eggs! I can't bear the thought of the storm disturbing them -- keep us posted. We're storming, too, in Colorado, but just hail, wind and cold. Ugh.