Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nature can be so cruel.

I hate the storms in the springtime. My heart is aching for all of the people in Joplin and over in Oklahoma City area that have lost their homes and even more precious, their loved ones. It's so sad - heartbreaking really.

Although it can't compare what the other people are going through, we are saddened over the loss of our birds in the bird nest. We had a beautiful mama bird and four sweet little eggs. A couple of days ago the eggs hatched. We couldn't tell if there were three or four tiny little birds but we kept a close watch over what was happening and would watch the mama come and go. Last night with the storms rolling in, we weren't sure what we could do to protect the nest but Doug piled up bags of mulch to ensure that the tree that the nest was in wouldn't tip over. This morning when we went out to check there was only one little tiny bird in the nest that looked like it had been through the mill. We looked all over trying to see if we could find the other baby birds but there was no sign of them anywhere. We waited a couple of hours to see if the mama would come back but she never came. I don't even want to think about what might have happened.

We called the local vet that takes in injured birds and took the one remaining tiny bird up to them. They will feed it and turn it over to the bird rescue to take care of and eventually let it back into the wild. Nature can be so cruel.


  1. Oh, this breaks my heart. Sniffle. Hugs.

  2. It is so sad to see the horrible pictures of these people who have lost their homes and loved ones. It was so scary and I hope the storms are all behind us.........

    If you head to Eureka Springs let me know when and I will give you a few more stores you might like.

  3. It is so sad to see all tis destruction...and I am sad about your little birds, Lisa. Something about that makes my heart break.
    Sending hugs,

  4. Lisa the fabric on the shopping cart was already on there! I got it at the fabric store in back on Quail Springs mall called Interior Fabrics!

    Happy Memorial weekend!

    We are excited about Art of Spring! Sure wish you were going with us! Maybe next time. We will have plenty of pictures to show.