Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boarding our catamarans

We took the Ferry over to Tortola and had a little dinner on the beach while the crews finished getting our catamarans ready for us to board. You can't even believe the excitement!

We had planned this trip for approximately 16 months and we couldn't believe the time was here.

Once we boarded our boats we set sail for our first destination and where we would anchor for the night.

Our chef, Fiona, prepared us a nice dinner and we spent some time getting to know the other couples on our boat. There were four couples per boat plus a Captain and a Chef. Fiona is also a Captain and is launching her own reality series called SeaAngels in which her and several of her female friends captain boats all over the world raising money for charity. Both Hal and Fiona took excellent care of us all week and I would highly recommend them for not only a fun but also a safe vacation.

We snorkeled and swam at Oceans Seven Beach and saw some amazing coral and fish. The weather was warm but overcast and we did get a bit of rain. Towards the middle of the trip when the sun started coming out in full force we could see that the earlier in the week overcast days were actually a blessing to keep us from getting burnt to a crisp.

Our week just got better and better and better! Next post I'll share some pictures of the baths - these incredible giant rock formations that we got to walk through and snorkel around.
I'm just now coming out of my fog from the trip and I've had sealegs all week. It's totally worth it though and if you *ever* have the opportunity to go on one of these trips, I would HIGHLY recommend it!


  1. Lisa=== Take me along next time!! looks like paradise! hugs from me!

  2. Oh Lisa that looks like an amazing trip! I have always wanted to go to Tortola.......we have a couple in our church that has a place down there and they always give a weeks vacation to an auction we hold at SNU. I have seen their pictures many times and always dreamed of going. I know you had a wonderful time just by looking and reading your post. Glad your back safe and rested.