Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sandy Cay beach on Jost Van Dyke was another beautiful beach we got to visit. We hiked around the island and saw lush plant life and about a million hermit crabs. The floor of the vegetation was just crawling with crabs of all different sizes. The island also was home to turtle doves that cooed for us the entire time we were hiking. We saw a few geckos or salamanders - I'm not really sure what the difference is - and the views from the top of the island were amazing - 360 degree view of beautiful blue water.
There wasn't anything to see snorkeling at this location but the gentle waves made for great relaxation in the water.

One of the days we took a long boat ride out to this little flat island called Anegada where only 250 people live on the entire island.

All 16 of us climbed aboard an old clunker of an open air taxi truck and took a 10 minute ride to the other side of the island where there is an amazing beach.

Imagine our surprise when we ran into TWO separate groups that were visiting from Oklahoma! What is the likelihood of that? Another night when we docked both boats at Sidney's restaurant we ran into yet *another* set of people from Oklahoma! Just weird~

You see both teams represented on the back of our sister boat (OU and OSU). We all signed the OSU t-shirt and left it behind tacked to the wall at Sidney's.
One day we went to the baths - an amazing location with these huge rocks on the beach. It was kind of scary walking through them thinking that if they were to shift we would be forever flattened underneath them.

Look at this crab we found hiding on a rock. It was kind of dark and we could barely see him hiding but my flash did end up capturing him.

We snorkeled all around these rocks some of which went waaaayyyyy down into the ocean. We saw some pretty amazing fish here.

Just after we took this picture below and just before we took off from this beach to snorkel, a baby sting-ray came right up to us in the shallow water. We just observed it and it finally swam away but how cool!

I'm going to do one last post about our trip and just wait until you see the pictures we took in Tortola at Long Bay Beach!

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